Liam’s Dad Never Opened His Gift, EA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for Xbox 360

Under normal circumstances I avoid buying used sports games because 99% of them don’t really hold up and they seldom have any resale value down the road. For this sealed copy of EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for Xbox 360 though, I made an exception because of it’s something of a mystery.

A sealed game at a thrift store for any console is something a bit of a curiosity. Sometimes retailers dump unsold merchandise to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. as a write-off, but it’s rare I find anything aside from unopened shovelware. Every once in a while though, you happen to snag a something like this unopened 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil disc, which I can only assume was an unwanted gift because on the back, still stuck to the original shrinkwrap, is a message for “Dad” from “Liam,” giving him a clue as to where to find his next surprise…

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The note is affixed with glue that’s sturdy enough to have survived at least a couple of years and the thrift store donation process. I find it intriguing and a little bit sad. Why didn’t Liam’s Dad ever open his game? Did he not like it? Did he already have it? Was he protesting EA’s seemingly unending milking of the FIFA license?


The mystery of Liam and his father is far more interesting than the game itself, I’m sure – or at least I hope so.

Whatever the case, I refuse to ever open this game or remove the note, in hopes that someday Liam (or “Dad”) comes across my little website here and gets in touch with me to let me know the full story.

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