Bought an Original PlayStation (PSOne) at a Thrift Store Today

We’re in the middle of a heat wave here at the moment, so what better time to raid the local Goodwill in the early morning hours – and it turned out to be a good idea for once.

I haven’t had a PSOne since around 1999-2000, though I’ve been playing some of the games for it here and there since I got my backward compatible PS3 last fall.

I guess someone in my neighborhood was really into 90’s RPG’s at one time. $12 scored me this PSOne with a blue analog controller, all necessary cables, and copies of Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Chronicles (FF IV & Chrono Trigger) and Final Fantasy Anthology (FF V & VI).

All of it works great and is in extremely good condition, with the exception of the CD box for Final Fantasy Anthology which has the typical CD case cracks in it. The left analog stick on the controller seems to be permanently stuck going slightly to the left as well but I have a couple of PS2 controllers around here somewhere that are in decent shape.

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