My Tony Hawk Skateboard Controller Collection is Complete!

Tony Hawk Shred Xbox 360

I’m looking forward to some Big Air! and Bigger Tricks!

After finding a complete Tony Hawk Ride set at a thrift store recently, I did some research and learned of Tony Hawk Shred – a game that received substantially better reviews than Ride did, but sold very poorly.

Whatever. I had to buy it anyway and Amazon had it for a mere $3 with free Prime shipping. Not the most sporting find in the world, but I have OCD when it comes to complete collections sometimes.

Tony Hawk Ride – Complete for $5

Tony Hawk Ride Xbox 360

I was MIA for most of the Wii Fit-style fitness controller phase, but Tony Hawk Ride did briefly catch my eye when it was released in 2009. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I didn’t have a console when it was released, otherwise I’d probably have picked it up as I’ve been a fan of the Tony Hawk series for many, many years.

Despite a near-unanimous critical bashing of the game, I’ve always wanted to give Tony Hawk Ride a try, if only because it seemed like a good marriage of hardware and concept – and I don’t trust gaming nerds to dig physical gaming much anyway.

Today I finally got my chance – I landed a complete Tony Hawk Ride game and fake skateboard controller for $5 at a thrift store.

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Liam’s Dad Never Opened His Gift, EA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for Xbox 360

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for Xbox 360

Under normal circumstances I avoid buying used sports games because 99% of them don’t really hold up and they seldom have any resale value down the road. For this sealed copy of EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for Xbox 360 though, I made an exception because of it’s something of a mystery.

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Faxanadu (NES) – Game Collecting

Faxanadu for NES

I officially started collecting for NES today when I found this pristine copy of Faxanadu. If my experience with my Nintendo Classic taught me anything, it’s that there aren’t a lot of 8-bit NES era games I really like but after I hacked my Classic I did spend quite a bit of time playing this one. Difficult game but quite a lot of fun.

Anyway, $2.99 at a thrift store. Label and cartridge are in excellent condition – zero wear that I can see. I have no idea if it works as I don’t own an NES.

I like to think the end boss in this one is a fax machine that sings Olivia Newton John songs for some reason.

Original Xbox Had All the 007

Original Xbox James Bond Games

It’s been a while since there’s been a James Bond game, let alone a good one. I rather enjoyed Quantum of Solace on Xbox 360 (stupid easy as it was) when it came out in 2008, but nothing since has really thrilled me.

Fortunately I’ve managed to complete my 007 collection on the original Xbox after a thrift store binge yesterday, adding Nightfire, Agent Under Fire, and Everything or Nothing to my collection. I never realized there were 5 Bond games released on the Xbox – EA was certainly busy milking the license. From Russia with Love is still the best though, and I’m not sure GoldenEye; Rogue Agent really counts as a Bond game.

Still, even the worst Bond game is better than Blood Stone.

GameStop Doesn’t Care About Collectors

A used copy of Lost Planet for Xbox 360, purchased at GameStop

I know I’m not the first person to rant about GameStop’s collector-hostile over-stickering policies, and god knows I will definitely not be the last, but the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Normally I’m accepting of their gross, gluey game case abuse but a recent visit to purchase a brand new copy of The Surge for Xbox One resulted in my most offensive purchase at GameStop to date.

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I Bought My First Games from Limited Run: Deemo and Broken Age (Vita)

Deemo The Last Recital and Broken Age for PS Vita by Limited Run Games

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to be a bit skeptical about Limited Run Games. It wasn’t until I started collecting physical copies of games instead of digital about a year ago (Steam aside obviously) that I understood what made these things special enough to justify the $10+ markup over the PS Store prices. Still, I put my first purchase off for about a year because I’m really not into limited edition games, having been burned a bit by chasing down Amiibo and NES Classic, etc. over the past many months.

For Broken Age and Deemo, two games I’ve been more than a bit curious about, I made an exception.

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