Live Action Video Game Trailers Make Me Cringe (Most of the Time)

If you survived the SEGA CD era of crappy FMV games, you’re probably like me: highly skeptical of anytime game publishers decide to Go Full Hollywood and film a live action trailer for an upcoming game. To me, live action trailers ask questions that most game publishers don’t want asked of their wares, such as:

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GameStop Doesn’t Care About Collectors

A used copy of Lost Planet for Xbox 360, purchased at GameStop

I know I’m not the first person to rant about GameStop’s collector-hostile over-stickering policies, and god knows I will definitely not be the last, but the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Normally I’m accepting of their gross, gluey game case abuse but a recent visit to purchase a brand new copy of The Surge for Xbox One resulted in my most offensive purchase at GameStop to date.

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