Decent PSOne Game Haul – Half-Dozen Games for $3 Each

As I’m getting ready to head out of town for a few days, I haven’t had much time to hit the thrift stores. Luckily, the one right down the street from me had a nice selection of PSOne games that I was able to put up for $3 each…

  • Final Fantasy IX (Black Label Version in excellent condition)
  • Star Fighter – an old favorite 3DO game of mine, I’ve no idea if the PSOne port is any good or not but am excited to try it out. Starfighter on 3DO was my favorite arcade-combat flight sim for years
  • Allied General¬†– an old SSI strategy game. I used to own this when I had my first PlayStation all those years ago but I don’t recall ever having played it. It was given to me as a gift. Not really my thing.
  • Final Doom – which as we all know was not even close to be the final Doom.
  • Black Dawn – I used to have this one too; it’s a halfway decent helicopter combat simulator. It was ok back in the day; curious to see if it still holds up.
  • Namco Museum 3 – I’m not really sure why I continue to pick these up. Between a few systems I have a pretty good collection of them but would prefer just to have the whole set on PSOne. This one has Ms. Pac-Man at least, probably the Namco game I’m most likely to play.

The Final Fantasy IX is definitely the best of the bunch and quite a find considering its condition, though all six are scratch-free and extremely clean given their age. I’d love to find more like these; so many of the PSOne games I find are utterly destroyed, scratched to hell, or covered in the kinds of slime only pre-teens can manage to produce.

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