Live Action Video Game Trailers Make Me Cringe (Most of the Time)

If you survived the SEGA CD era of crappy FMV games, you’re probably like me: highly skeptical of anytime game publishers decide to Go Full Hollywood and film a live action trailer for an upcoming game. To me, live action trailers ask questions that most game publishers don’t want asked of their wares, such as:

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Faxanadu (NES) – Game Collecting

Faxanadu for NES

I officially started collecting for NES today when I found this pristine copy of Faxanadu. If my experience with my Nintendo Classic taught me anything, it’s that there aren’t a lot of 8-bit NES era games I really like but after I hacked my Classic I did spend quite a bit of time playing this one. Difficult game but quite a lot of fun.

Anyway, $2.99 at a thrift store. Label and cartridge are in excellent condition – zero wear that I can see. I have no idea if it works as I don’t own an NES.

I like to think the end boss in this one is a fax machine that sings Olivia Newton John songs for some reason.

I Bought My First Nintendo Game Boy Color Today

Nintendo Gameboy Color (Kiwi)

I avoided Nintendo’s first few handhelds back in the day because I was the owner of an Atari Lynx launch system. Monochromatic graphics and the lack of a backlight seemed completely unacceptable to me, both then and now. My recent Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-101) purchase has warmed me to Nintendo’s pre-DS efforts a little bit, but not much.

Having said all that, I’m not about to pass up a $5.99 Kiwi Green Game Boy Color either. I found this little gem at a local thrift store this afternoon and figured it was worth the gamble. I actually only own 2 Game Boy games, a couple of the Donkey Kong Land titles, and I could easily just play them on my GBA but what the hell, right?

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Original Xbox Had All the 007

Original Xbox James Bond Games

It’s been a while since there’s been a James Bond game, let alone a good one. I rather enjoyed Quantum of Solace on Xbox 360 (stupid easy as it was) when it came out in 2008, but nothing since has really thrilled me.

Fortunately I’ve managed to complete my 007 collection on the original Xbox after a thrift store binge yesterday, adding Nightfire, Agent Under Fire, and Everything or Nothing to my collection. I never realized there were 5 Bond games released on the Xbox – EA was certainly busy milking the license. From Russia with Love is still the best though, and I’m not sure GoldenEye; Rogue Agent really counts as a Bond game.

Still, even the worst Bond game is better than Blood Stone.

GameStop Doesn’t Care About Collectors

A used copy of Lost Planet for Xbox 360, purchased at GameStop

I know I’m not the first person to rant about GameStop’s collector-hostile over-stickering policies, and god knows I will definitely not be the last, but the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Normally I’m accepting of their gross, gluey game case abuse but a recent visit to purchase a brand new copy of The Surge for Xbox One resulted in my most offensive purchase at GameStop to date.

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Bought an Original PlayStation (PSOne) at a Thrift Store Today

Sony PlayStation bought at a thrift store in Portland, Oregon

We’re in the middle of a heat wave here at the moment, so what better time to raid the local Goodwill in the early morning hours – and it turned out to be a good idea for once.

I haven’t had a PSOne since around 1999-2000, though I’ve been playing some of the games for it here and there since I got my backward compatible PS3 last fall.

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