I Accidentally Collect PlayStation 2 Consoles Now…

You’d think that out of a pool of 155 million PlayStation 2 consoles (slim, fat, and otherwise) I’d be able to cobble together one that actually works reliably. Well, it took a while but I’m finally there – the fourth time’s a charm and I have a 100% functional PS2 slim to go with my temperamental PS2 fat.

It took quite a while to find a fully functional unit without resorting to paying more than I was willing.

Here’s my collection as of July 2017…

Above, from top to bottom:

  • SCPH-70012 (PS2 slim, works perfectly)
  • SCPH-70012 (PS2 slim, bad drive motor)
  • SCPH-77001 (PS2 slim, bad fuse)
  • SCPH-75001 (PS2 slim, won’t power up)
  •  SCPH-30001 (PS2 fat, works but optical drive is flaky) – this unit also has a network adapter with an old Maxtor 250GB IDE hard drive installed. I originally wanted to rip all of my games to it but the optical drive is so out of whack that I’ve only successfully ripped about 6.

The cards in the top unit are:

  • Memory Slot 1: 128MB Memory Card
  • Memory Slot 2: 128MB Memory Card w/Free McBoot and some other utilities installed.

I’ve now been using the working unit to put games on a USB stick to play on the unit with the bad optical drive via Free McBoot. It works fairly well, with the exception of games that have too much FMV in them.

Why the obsession? 

At the time of this writing I have 104 PlayStation 2 games, many of which I’d love to be playing with the goal of completing them: particularly Dragon Quest VIII.

While I could play my PS2 games on my backward compatible PS3 launch unit, it’s almost unbearable to be around the fan noise that thing puts out. I figured I’d drop a few bucks and get a working slim PS2 after hearing how reliable they are. Let me tell you, the reports of slim PS2 reliability are greatly exaggerated.

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