I Bought My First Nintendo Game Boy Color Today

Nintendo Gameboy Color (Kiwi)

I avoided Nintendo’s first few handhelds back in the day because I was the owner of an Atari Lynx launch system. Monochromatic graphics and the lack of a backlight seemed completely unacceptable to me, both then and now. My recent Game Boy Advance SP (AGS-101) purchase has warmed me to Nintendo’s pre-DS efforts a little bit, but not much.

Having said all that, I’m not about to pass up a $5.99 Kiwi Green Game Boy Color either. I found this little gem at a local thrift store this afternoon and figured it was worth the gamble. I actually only own 2 Game Boy games, a couple of the Donkey Kong Land titles, and I could easily just play them on my GBA but what the hell, right?

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