Yo-Kai Watch Vinyl Figures 3-Pack for $6 – Video Game Merchandise Collecting

I picked up 2 of these Yo-Kai Watch Vinyl Figures 3-packs at a local Goodwill for $5.99 each. According to the box it’s a Target Exclusive, though I swear I’ve seen them at GameStop as well.

Whatever the case, I really like the Yo-Kai watch games and TV show so I got one for my daughter and one to keep in its box.

Each box comes with 3 Yo-Kai Medals as well, which works out because my kid has both the Season 1 and Season 2 Yo-Kai Watch toys.

Speaking of Yo-Kai Watch, my 5 year old is a big Jibanyan fan… she claims to like Yo-Kai better than any of that Pokémon nonsense.

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