10 Best PlayStation Vita games of 2019

As the Vita celebrated its 7th birthday in North America this past February, new releases for Sony’s second handheld platform had already slowed to a crawl. With fewer than 3 dozen published games since the beginning of 2019, it seems the end is finally here for the much-maligned PlayStation Vita. Still, all is not entirely lost. While the flow of new games might be no more than a trickle at this point, many of the games still making their way to the PlayStation Store are pretty good – at least on par with their Nintendo Switch equivalents. What follows are our list of the 10 best Vita games so far this year – all of them now available.

#1 Shakedown Hawaii

From the makers of Retro City Rampage comes the best GTA-like game on the Vita yet: Shakedown Hawaii. While RCR had a decidedly 8-bit feel, Shakedown Hawaii feels like its 16-bit cousin. Featuring a massive, colorful map and hundreds of missions, Shakedown Hawaii makes the Vita feel more relevant than ever.

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