10 times video games landed in your cereal bowl

Somehow video games and sugary breakfast cereals feel like a match made in heaven. Whether it’s the callback to the 80s and 90s – the Saturday morning cartoon meets retro gaming heyday – or just because all that sugar is enough to make even the most sedentary gaming geek absolutely wired, it seems only natural that sweet crunchy goodness and gaming make great bedfellows.

Apparently, the fine folks behind some of our favorite gaming icons agree, because they’ve had no issue partnering with the biggest brands in breakfast to create some delicious treats for the morning gamer.

#1 Sonic

Funko appears more than a few times on this list, but their latest creation might be their wildest yet – at least as far as unusual food coloring. In celebration of both the recently released Team Sonic Racing and Sega’s upcoming Genesis Mini console, they’re set to release Sonic Breakfast Cereal via GameStop stores everywhere very soon.

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