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6 times PlayStation hardware has underperformed

Sony’s PlayStation 4 hasn’t just won this latest round of the console wars, it’s absolutely decimated the competition. Despite a slow but dramatic turnaround by rival Microsoft, with their superior Xbox One X hardware, and an increasingly impressive late entry by way of Nintendo’s popular Switch device, Sony can readily be crowned king of the 8th generation.

You might think this is the norm, what with the term “PlayStation” being something of a household word for a couple of decades now, but Sony hasn’t always been so fortunate. Here are six occasions on which Sony underwhelmed, missed the boat, or was just plain clueless in the video game console market.

#1 PS Move

As a reaction first to Nintendo’s very popular Wii, and second to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, PlayStation Move is a motion game controller released in 2010 to mostly middling reviews. Requiring at the time either a PlayStation Eye or PlayStation Camera (both having received lukewarm reception in their own rights), PS Move wasn’t as cool as Wii, nor as out-of-the-box interesting or widely supported as the Kinect. A limited number of games and functionality should have killed the PS Move, but it has found new life as a mostly-optional controller for the PS VR add-on of today – albeit not a particularly good one when compared to similar devices by Oculus and HTC.

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