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8 games you played in the 90s that don't hold up today

Sony’s PlayStation Mini didn’t exactly tear up the holiday sales charts last fall, but that hasn’t stopped Sega from throwing their hat into the nostalgia ring with their Genesis/Mega Drive mini coming this Christmas. Add in the surprise announcement that Konami is bringing back the TurboGrafx-16 in diminutive form and it’s like we’re living the gaming 90’s all over again. While the 90’s certainly brought with it a great number of groundbreaking and influential titles, they also ushered in almost as much dreck. Here are 8 games you might have loved as a kid that absolutely don’t hold up today.

#1 Batman: Forever (1995)

Just as Hollywood milked the caped crusader for all he was worth in theaters, Acclaim did the same for home consoles – the worst of which was undoubtedly the myriad games based on the awful film Batman Forever. From Game Gear to Genesis to SNES, no one was spared what GamePro claimed to be the worst Batman game on a Nintendo console.

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