9 great Wii U games we’re still hoping to see ported to Nintendo Switch

It’s no secret that the Wii U was a complete bomb; Nintendo’s first and worst since the days of Virtual Boy. Still, a decent number of first party exclusives made the system worth owning for scant 13.5 million people that bought one, and with millions more now on the Switch bandwagon, it’s surprised no one that many of the best games in the Wii U library have made the jump to Nintendo’s latest console.

But there are still quite a few games that haven’t made it over…yet. Here’s a list of 9 games we are still hopeful that Nintendo will port to the Switch in the near future.

Spoiler Alert: You won’t find Star Fox Zero anywhere on this list.

#1 Wonderful 101

We keep hearing rumors that Platinum Games’ Wii U debut will find its way to the Switch, but we’ve yet to see any official announcement. One of the best superhero games of all time (yes, we said it), Wonderful 101 was all but ignored at release and is likely the most deserving of some Switch-love of any title you’ll see here.

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