EA explains Loot Boxes to UK Parliament

EA Loot Boxes

EA’s VP of Legal and Government Affairs, Kerry Hopkins, attempted to explain to the UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee today that EA does not use so-called “loot boxes,” but rather employs fanciful components that EA likes to call “surprise mechanics.” Further, Hopkins explained that these “surprise mechanics” are not at all like gambling and are, in fact, “quite ethical.”

Later on, in her oral evidence session before the committee, Hopkins went on to say that she and EA “disagree that there’s evidence that shows it leads to gambling.”

EA lootboxes
Star Wars Battlefront II, released in 2017, came under fire as one of many recent “pay to win” titles.

EA and other loot box-loving game publishers have come under severe fire recently for employing the use of loot boxes, regardless of what they’re choosing to call them internally, with EA being one of the larger and more public companies to do so. The company’s last Star Wars game, Battlefront II, was all but wrecked by the gaming press and public at launch in late 2017 when it utilized numerous pay-to-win mechanics, leaving EA scrambling to find a solution.

It would seem their “solution” is to deny wrongdoing.

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