IKEA introduces a new collection for gamers

IKEA Gaming

IKEA has partnered with UNYQ to announce the launch of 3 personalized custom gaming accessories.

UNYQ designs and sells accessibility aids, using 3D printing to create personalized prosthetic limbs and support braces for people with conditions like scoliosis. The technique they use will scan a person’s body to create 3D printed products which fit them perfectly.

IKEA has taken to this technique for the series of products called UPPKOPPLA, which means “online,” the 3D-printed line is meant to provide custom-fit accessories for gamers to provide a better gaming experience.

The series of three prototypes will include textured key caps and a mouse bungee, along with a biometric writs support that will improve comfort and provide wrist strain relief.

“It’s actually striking how unexplored this part of the gaming industry is,” says Tommy Ingemarsson, founder and CEO of Area Academy. “Focus has always been on the hardware, and everything else has been ignored.”

The Uppkoppla line will launch in 2020 but rather than being available in-store, the new products will be sold exclusively through an IKEA/UNYQ app.

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