Nintendo has finally opened a second retail store

It’s been 14 long years that the world has had to wait for a second official Nintendo store. Think about that. There’s only been ONE in existence until now. The first one opened May 2005 in New York. As of yesterday, a new store finally opened at the Dizengoff Center, a shopping mall in Tel Aviv, Isreal.

Since opening day, Nintendo NY has been a place for Nintendo fans to gather and watch live broadcasts of official announcements. The store also features displays of Nintendo’s long history with video games, showcasing items like the Power Glove and the Virtual Boy.

A Tokyo store is planning on joining New York and Tel Aviv later this year. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 14 years to come up with more stores. To all of the Nintendo fans in Israel, enjoy the grand opening of Nintendo Israel! Here’s to hoping it’s just as cool as Nintendo NYC!

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