The 7 best retro gaming consoles you can buy right now

Nostalgia reigns supreme! With the excitement around the release this fall of the Sega Genesis Mini console, retro gaming fever is at an all-time high – even if Sony sort of blew it with their PlayStation Classic last year. While your particular brand of nostalgia may dictate one system over another, there’s almost certainly something out there for everyone.

And while you’re waiting for the Genesis Mini, we’ve compiled this handy list of the best consoles you can buy for retro gaming right now!

#1 Commodore 64 Mini

Travel back to 1982, when a “gaming computer” was just about anything other than a PC or Mac. The king of the hill back then, and the still the best-selling home computer of all time, was the Commodore 64 – the 8-bit powerhouse and successor to the company’s very popular VIC-20. While the C64 Mini has its flaws, a rather shoddy joystick controller among them, its 64-game library and 99% spot-on emulation more than make up for it. Add in a heathy dose of Epyx classics like Winter Games and Impossible Mission, and your trip down 64k memory lane is complete.

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