The ‘Gaming Granny’ joins gaming world as a cat

A story that will warm your heart comes out of Madison County Indiana, as a local grandmother has been racking up subscribers on Twitch. Her online persona is quickly growing in viewership but she does it all for one very special person in her life.

She started streaming as a way to interact with her grandson Connor. “I wanted to have our grandson be able to spend time with me without us being close together,” said MeeMaw. Thus began the birth of MeeMaw The Geeky Granny. When she plays online she takes on the persona of a cat. She talks like her and she uses facial recognition software that mimic MeeMaw herself.

MeeMaw has 2,100 followers and counting and is able to make money doing what she loves as viewers can tip her for the content.

MeeMaw The Geeky Granny has her own show every weeknight on Twitch at 7 PM (8PM on Fridays).

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