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The Nintendo 3DS is dead. Long live the Nintendo 3DS

Persona Q2

With the tomorrow’s release of the long-awaited Persona Q2, so ends the list of known upcoming releases for Nintendo’s fledgling 3DS line of portable consoles. Originally released in early 2011, and designed to supplant the best-selling Nintendo DS line, the 3DS had a rocky start, due in part to being priced a bit too high and having a 3D feature that no one could quite figure out what to do with.

Fast forward 8 years and several reinventions later (“New” 3DS anyone?) and the 3DS has been home to hundreds of amazing titles, including the best of the best on the JRPG side of things.

We’re sad to see it go – even if Nintendo still refuses to “officially” call it dead.

Because it is.


RIP Nintendo 3DS.

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