ThinkGeek to close

ThinkGeek Closing, Moving to GameStop

If you’ve been holding off on that purchase of Pikachu slippers, you might want to get on that right away. Geekware retailer ThinkGeek is closing shop for good and merging with GameStop, which means huge savings for the trinket-loving geek-masses out there.

ThinkGeek’s website officially shuts down on July 4th, after which their remaining merchandise will be available on and in GameStop retail stores – which it was in many areas already.

In a mildly bizarre reversal from the norm, ThinkGeek plans on keeping some 40 retail stores open, even after the online store closes. When was the last time you heard of a brick and mortar store staying open while the digital storefront shut down? Weird.

In the meantime, use code MOVINGDAY on ThinkGeek’s site and save yourself 50% on everything.

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